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We offer a wide variety of options for data migration:

Full service for data transmission

We transfer your complete source data we receive to your desired destination system. Our experience shows that each client maintains its own design and data structure that is optimally adapted to the needs of the company.

Our goal is to maintain this structure or to improve it according to customer’s request. Our complete service comprises the transfer and the quality control in the destination system.

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  • Analysis of design data
    Legibility of the data; compiling specifications for the setting of the converter: transfer of part attributes, name of layers, etc.
  • Adjustment of the configuration
    Transcription of the specifications in the converter with the help of a control file (PanLink-mapping)
  • Transfer of the data
    Depending on the requirements, this is done step-by-step or with automated batch processes. The batch processing is especially suitable for transferring a huge number of designs.
  • Quality control (QC)
    The quality control comprises the visual and the manual control of the data in the destination system. With the design transfer the net list comparison and the Gerber overlay are part of the quality control. The aim is to have fully usable design data in the destination system.


You want to transfer the data on your own or the data is confidential.

You have the opportunity to select from the different PanLink configurations the right package for you.

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  • Library data migration (schematic, layout, combined or separate)
  • Schematic data migration
  • Layout data migration
  • Design data migration
  • Cable data migration
  • Combinations of different source tools from different E-CAD system providers are possible. Here PanLink merges the different source data to a common database and synchronizes them. PanLink has considerable possibilities to transfer the data exactly in that form which is needed by the design environment. For that purpose a control file is available.

Supported Operation systems

  • Windows 7 32 / 64 Bit is standard for the target System.
  • Other OS-Systems for extracting the source data on request (e.g. HP-UX, Linux, Unix).

Recently realized customer projects:

  • Scald Cadence Schematic & Layout Mentor Boardstation transferred to the target Zuken CR-5000 Board Designer and System Designer or CR-8000.
  • Mentor Design Architect & Cadence Allegro Layout transferred to the target Zuken CR-5000 or CR-8000.
  • DxDesigner & PADS Power PCB transferred to the target Zuken CR-5000 or CR-8000.


For ensuring a very high transmission quality, many different test steps are included in our workflow. In schematic and layout data, the newly generated destination data is compared to the source data.

The quality control ensures the sophisticated requirements of the transmission.

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  • Netlist comparison at design migration
    Compare the source PCB netlist with the new schematic netlist.
  • BOM comparison
    Comparison of the bom list of the source system and the new bom list of the destination system. If necessary, assembly variants are also checked
  • Forward / backward annotation
    Check of the synchronization between schematic and layout design. This check depends heavily on the source data.
  • Gerber data comparison (extended Gerber)
    Comparison of the existing source Gerber data with the migrated design data.
  • Source drill data comparison (Excellon)
    Compare the existing source drill data with the migrated board data.
  • Destination system test
    After migration, every generated design is tested on its workability in the destination system.